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Welcome Parents

Everything You Need to Know

Dates & Rates

Camp is June 13-16, 2024 for ages 8-12 years old! Camp is $300 per camper with many rodeo classes to choose from! After you register your child/children for camp we will be in contact with you for some more documents to fill out.

Healthy & Safety

Sending your kiddo off to a multiple overnight camp can be overwhelming! We have ways to make your life easier with documents and what your kiddos needs to bring with them. We will closely monitor your child and any medications/conditions they may have. We will have an EMT, nurses, and security on site for any situation. Your kiddo will never be left alone and in good care of our camp counselors and instructors

Do I need my own horse?

For our horsemanship class we do not require campers to have their own horse, but all other classes are highly recommended they bring their own horse, tack, gear, helmet, boots, and whatever else they need!

What do I send with my camper?

We have you covered! We will send you an email with everything to bring and some suggestions to make things easier for you and your child. Some parents send letters with their camper for words of encouragement. These are marked with the day for each day of camp.

Some items for your camper include: sleeping items (cot/air mattress), blankets (it gets cold at night!!), personal care items, swimsuit, towel, flip-flops, flashlight, Bible, clothes, medications, long sleeve button down for rodeo day, hat, and boots/closed toed shoes. 

Some items for your horse include: own tack, hay, feed, water bucket, muck bucket/wheel barrow, forks, saddle rack, NEED coggins test, and health papers. ALL tack needs to be properly marked with horses and campers name to ensure it goes home with your kiddo.

Click HERE for a checklist as to what to pack for camp!

What if my child gets scared in the night?

We will have adults with your child at all times! These adults will calm your kiddo down and do what is necessary for their situation. If needed, we can call parents/guardians in the night.

Can I come visit my camper?

We strongly recommend that you do not come see your camper. This is an opportunity for them to draw closer to God and not rely on comforts of this world, such as mom and dad. If it is a medical situation or struggling in any way, the parents/guardians will be notified. Many parents volunteer so they can make sure their kids are comfortable their first year of camp. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer forms.

Do I need to bring more own horse feed?

Yes! We will not supply any horse hay, grain, or supplements. It is highly encouraged to bring what grain the horse needs in ziplock baggies marked with morning/am or night/pm to ensure the horse gets everything needed.

The only exception to this rule is if you are using a borrowed horse. All of their hay, grain, and supplements will be provided.

Can my camper have their cell phone?

No electronics are to be used while at camp unless permitted by staff.

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