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Josh Eggers


I've been a few places and seen a few things in my life and somehow ended up being the Director of Rising Rock Rodeo Bible Camp.  I was raised on a ranch/farm in western South Dakota and have always had a deep appreciation and love for all things agriculture.  I was working cows on the back of a horse when I was 9 years old and have never lost the love of all that that entails, especially the horses.  I find God on the back of a horse in the middle of a pasture with the grass blowing and the birds singing.


I was a teacher for 14 years, I've been a truck driver on and off my whole life and now my wife and I  have a non-profit called 605 Roots which specializes in Horse Therapy.  I am a firm believer finding God in the simple things.  A good horse, a good couple of friends and some wide open spaces are exactly what the doctor ordered for me.

I'm excited to be the Director of RRRBC and looking forward to the lives that will be touched because of the presence of God Almighty right in the middle of Horses, dust and the rodeo lifestyle.


Jenny Eggers


Hi my name is Jenny Eggers. I grew up a farmer's daughter in Niobrara, NE. As a child, life had many storms and I felt very alone. My mother passed when I was only four years old, followed by a house fire at six years old. I was raised by a workaholic father with very little. My grandpa bought me a horse. It was the best day of my life. I soon felt something inside me that I hadn't felt in a long time, and it was JOY!! I loved life on the farm with my horse. It brought my heart so much healing. Being with my horse and working outdoors was where I found God and I learned to walk and talk with him. And listen, through that season I formed deep roots and my faith began to grow closer and closer with Him throughout my life.

I have spent years leading Bible studies and teaching kiddos. Stepping into the role as president for Rising Rock Rodeo Bible Camp felt like a natural step. I take my job of sharing the love of Jesus Christ very seriously; so thank you for trusting us with you children. I love relationships and getting to know new people, so please don't hesitate reaching out with any questions.

I feel very blessed to serve as your president for Rising Rock Rodeo Bible Camp.


Autum Moschell

Vice President

My name is Autum Moschell. I am a Chemist by profession, live for Jesus Christ, love people, and have a passion for horses. I grew up on my family's farm exposing me to all of God's beautiful creations. Of course, I was one of those horse crazy little girls! I may not have much rodeo experience, but I did compete in cowboy mounted shooting :) When I was asked to come on board with this ministry my immediate response was "Jesus, kids, and horses? What's not to love?!  I'm in!!" I am so incredibly excited to hit the ground running with Rising Rock Rodeo Bible Camp! Halleluiah!


Emily Miller


Hey, I am Emily Miller! I grew up on a family farm near Aberdeen, SD. Animals have always been a comfort in my life. I can remember telling my father I wanted to be a rancher when I grew up. I learned and grew from extra curricular activities throughout my life. I work in an ethanol research and development lab by day.

I accepted Jesus and He came into my life shortly after I was in an auto accident. I can look back at my past and know He was working everything out for His greater good. He has changed who I am. Today I find Him on the back of a horse and seeing the world and all His beautiful creations. It is humbling to know that He loves us so very much.

I am excited to see how the kiddos learn and grow from His endless love!

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